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Leighton Meester gave acting ultimatum

Actress Leighton oeester was so determined to appear in movie ‘Country Strong’, that she jokingly threatened to quit acting if her ‘Gossip Girl’ schedule was not adjusted to suit.

The actress stars in the new movie alongside Gwyneth Paltrow and was glad that ‘Gossip Girl’ producers could free up her time becasue she was so desperate to take part in the musical in which Gwyneth sings.

She says “When ‘Country Strong’ came up, I threatened everybody including my manager, my agent and everybody I worked with. I was like, ‘If I can’t do this, if we can’t work out the schedule, I’m moving to Costa Rica, I’m turning off my phone and I’m never going to work again.’ I was bluffing of course but it worked.”

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