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Laura Dern reveals she couldn't find work after playing Ellen DeGeneres' love interest

''There was certainly a backlash... It was awfully terrifying,'' Laura said.

Jurassic Park star Laura Dern has spoken out about the negative backlash she received after playing the girlfriend of Ellen DeGeneres on the comedienne's "coming out" TV episode a decade ago.
The actress appeared on Ellen's talk show this week to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iconic moment when the lesbian star revealed her sexual orientation on the TV sitcom.
Laura played Ellen's love interest in 1997's "The Puppy Episode"
Laura admitted that the show, on which the couple kissed, was costly to her Hollywood career.
She revealed that Hollywood boycotted her career for more than a year after her appearance.
"There was certainly a backlash... It was awfully terrifying," Laura said.
But the star maintains that she has no regrets, saying her appearance on the episode was "an extraordinary experience and opportunity".

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