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Ladyhawke: My head

She cleaned up the recent Vodafone New Zealand ousic Awards in Auckland, but now electro-pop sensation Ladyhawke is facing a storm of controversy over being nominated for Australia’s Aria awards and may even pull out of the event.

The ‘oy Delirium’ singer – who’s real name is Pip Brown – has garnered five nominations, including Best Female Artist and Single of the Year. However, nominees are expected to have lived in Australia during the past year and, as a New Zealand-born, London-based singer, Ladyhawke has not complied with the criteria, prompting a wave of criticism.

The shy singer, who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, wants to withdraw from the ceremony, which will be held in Sydney on 26 November. She states, “At this stage, my head’s not in a good space for that. I feel bad about the whole thing – I’d like to withdraw from it. I don’t like this sort of controversy. I completely understand where everyone’s coming from [but] I’d rather not do the performance than do it and be booed or whatever. I was excited about performing but I only just found out about the controversy, so my head’s in a dark place.”

Ladyhawke continues, “The last thing I ever wanted was for anyone to have negative feelings towards anything I do, especially when it comes to the Australian music scene. I never thought I wouldn’t be eligible. I still have my place in Sydney and all my stuff’s there. I haven’t lived in Australia for a year but I still have a lease in Sydney.”

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