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Kirstie Alley’s life risk

American doctors have alleged that Kirstie Alley has only got about four years to live, due to her long history of binge eating and yo-yo dieting. Says one expert, “I’ve added up the stresses of her life, and unless she adds more balance to it, Kirstie may only live to age 62.”

Kirstie, currently 58, has endured a famous battle with her weight, appearing on ‘oprah’ in 2005 with a weight of 91kg. After undergoing a weightloss regime and becoming a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, Kirstie appeared on ‘oprah’ again this year, with her weight ballooning.

Now tipping the scales at over 110kg, the expert claims Kirstie “is playing Russian roulette with her life”. Kirstie is said to be outraged about these claims on her life expectancy, asking why overweight male celebrities are not subjected to the same levels of scrutiny.

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