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Kimberly’s boozing brings on liver disease

Rod Stewart has revealed that his daughter Kimberly has developed liver disease from heavy boozing – and blames their Scottish heritage. The ageing rocker says his party-loving 27-year-old has had to completely clean up her act after discovering she was seriously ill from her lifestyle. Rod says, “She just discovered that she had a very serious liver illness from drinking too much. So she hasn’t had a drink or cigarette in three months, and she feels great. She said to me, ‘Dad, I’m, half Scottish – I thought I was allowed to drink a lot’. I said, ‘No, darling, it doesn’t work like that’.” Kimberley’s not the only child of Rod’s to give him grief – he’s already had to deal with his 26-year-old son Sean’s booze and drug addictions, which saw him getting expelled from school and in trouble with the law. [17 November 2006]

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