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Julia’s own omens

Julia Stiles, who stars in horror film `The omen’, has revealed that she was plagued by nightmares while shooting the remake. The actress – who plays mother to the Antichrist in the movie – insists she was haunted by strange dreams containing “religious imagery” and scenes from the 1976 original film. She says, “I don’t know if it was me getting paranoid and generally psyched up for the role, but I had horrible nightmares the whole time we were shooting – images from the original film and religious imagery.” Despite being spooked by the strange visions, Julia (25) claims the dreams inspired her to make the movie because it made her realise how significant the story – about the son of Satan coming to earth – is. She adds, “I think if anything it was a good thing because it indicated to me just how powerful the movie is. I was a little wary of accepting the role because I was worried about tempting fate or something.” The frights didn’t only occur in Julia’s bedroom. She explains, “The first day I was shooting we did a scene where Liev Schreiber hands me the baby in the hospital and this church bell kept ringing so we couldn’t shoot the scene – it rang for 20 minutes. It was bizarre as it wasn’t on the hour – it started six minutes after six.” [13 June 2006]

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