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Jordan’s boob jobs

With size 32DD breasts, it is hard to believe that socialite and model Jordan still desires a bigger chest. Jordan admits to having had five boob jobs and now she’s ready for the sixth. The glamour model cleared up a few rumours about the amount of cosmetic surgery she has had in her new book ‘Standing out’.

Jordan tells, “At the last count, it’s five boob jobs and a nose job, plus veneers on my teeth, Botox and injectable fillers.” Jordan goes into further detail, “For the record, this is what I’ve actually had done to my boobs. I started out as a 32B and after my surgery went up to a 32C/D. A year later, I had them boosted to a 32D. The third operation took me to a 32DD and gave me a bit more uplift. Then after having babies my boobs got droopier and I realise I’d need to have them reduced. But they didn’t take enough skin away. I wanted them to look like bullets. So I had to go back and get them corrected.”

Despite going through extensive surgery to achieve her perfect chest, the mum-of-three doesn’t rule out going under the knife in the future. The 31-year-old admits, “I will keep going back and getting them redone as necessary.”

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