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As if it wasn’t crazy enough getting together with Jordan in the first place, it appears Alex Reid has been driven to mental illness by his new wife!

Just over month after marrying the trashy model, who is also known as Katie Price, cross-dressing cage-fighter Alex is receiving a kind of therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which is said to work by tapping into the meridian points on the body while focusing negative memories to alter their energy fields.

It sounds a little to us like New Age mumbo jumbo – and one of Alex’s friends couldn’t agree more, saying, “This EFT thing is bonkers. He would never have gone near anything like that before. If he had a problem, he’d deal with it. But he’s obviously not coping.”

Elaborating on where the real problem lies, Alex’s mate adds, “He’s not the bloke he used to be. He’s totally changed. He would never stand for anyone making a mug of him. But since he met Jordan, that seems to have changed. He’s turned into a doormat. He’s being walked over… Since he’s met Jordan, he’s lost the plot.”

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