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Jim’s bizarre on-set tantrums

A high-profile entertainment publication has printed a scathing exposé of actor Jim Carrey. ‘Radar’ magazine calls the ‘Dumb And Dumber’ star “unpredictable” and blames the flop of many of his recent films on his “bizarre behaviour and on-set tantrums”. It claims he annoyed co-stars when he “unzipped his fly and urinated” in an unscripted moment on his upcoming flick `The Number 23′. ‘Radar’ also says that ‘Fun With Dick And Jane’ director Dean Parisot was so disgusted by Jim’s behaviour during filming, he now refers to his project as ‘Fun With Jane’. An unnamed insider reveals, “Jim was scary. When producers expressed the studio’s concerns to Carrey, the star bristled. He said, ‘You should stop right now, because what you’re about to say may mess up my creativity for the rest of this movie.'” [2 February 2007]

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