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Jesse James claims cheating made him feel independent

Sandra Bullock’s ex, Jesse James, felt cheating on the actress was the best way to declare his independence. Jesse was outed as cheating on the 46-year-old star last March, just days after she won an oscar. He blames the pressure of their high profile relationship as the reason for his disloyalty. In his upcoming autobiography, ‘American outlaw’, he tells of becoming known as ‘Sandra Bullock’s husband’, rather than as his own person. “‘You’re trapped,’ I thought suddenly. ‘It came out of nowhere, but you’re trapped pretty good, aren’t you?’ I couldn’t escape. Not even for an instant. oentally at a loss, desperate for something to make me feel like I had some sense of freedom, I ran through the list of things I could do to assert my independence over my life. Infidelity, unfortunately, was at the top of the list.”

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