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Jennifer Love Hewitt battles with boyfriend and body

After being publicly blasted for her fuller-figured bikini body in 2007, Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn’t take kindly to jokes about her physique, even from her boyfriend!

The actress was furious when her beau, ‘Ghost Whisperer’ co-star Jamie Kennedy, made a dodgy remark about her booty. Jen tells, “We had a rough patch in the beginning because the first time we went on vacation, I was going to be in a bikini and I was very nervous. I heard him coming down the hall, so I got in the cute bikini position and he goes, ‘Hey, my little pear arse.’ I said, ‘I’m sorry, what did you say?!”

Jen did not take the remark as a compliment. She explains, “Have you ever seen a pear? It starts thin, it gets fat and it never gets thin again. It’s not cute. It’s not a cute fruit.” But all is well with the couple. She adds, “Jamie didn’t mean it in a mean way. He thought it was a compliment, I think.”

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