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Jen fears for life

Jennifer Aniston has begged photographers to stop hounding her as she fears that someone might want to harm her. Speaking of the media storm that followed her separation from fellow actor Brad Pitt, she says, “It’s reached an awful level. They really need boundaries and it’s a really tricky thing because there are so many people saying, ‘You’re a public figure, you deserve it, you ask for it’. But nobody asks for that kind of intrusion. I didn’t sign any kind of paper saying that is going to come with the job.” She has explained she doesn’t mind the paparazzi on the red carpet, but is disturbed by their intrusion into her privacy. She adds, “You don’t know how far they will go. When we show up for a public appearance, we know that that’s expected. But when somebody’s following you in a car and you don’t know if they’re a crazy fan with a gun in their hand or they’re a paparazzo, that same fear goes through you.” [4 July 2006]

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