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Jeff’s dirty mouth

Actor Jeff Goldblum had a rather nasty taste in his mouth after shooting the final scenes of his new film Adam Resurrected, about a Holocaust survivor who is struggling with insanity. The director of the film, Paul Shrader, insisted that the star literaly eat dirt. Jeff explains, “When we shot that scene towards the end of the movie in the graveyard, Paul said, ‘You’ve done some extravagant things, so this calls for something simple.’ It was the moment I was supposed to lose my mind and we fashioned the scene where I’m eating this flour. We did a take, and I’m crying, and snot is coming out of my nose and he said, ‘That’s great, but in this next bit get a handful of dirt from the mound of the grave and put it in your mouth and eat it.’ I said, ‘oh that’s good, that’s crazy. Do we have anything edible like dirt?’ He said, ‘No, just eat the dirt.’ Then he got a moundful of dirt in his hand and he ate it. I said, ‘Paul, okay I’ll do it!’ I think we both had something of a deep experience.”

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