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J-Lo’s outrageous demands

Jennifer Lopez has apparently been driving studio executives crazy with an exhausting list of requirements for her recording sessions. one LA-based insider reports, “J-Lo was such a diva when she was here last week. Her people sent us a three-page rider request for her dressing room, which was absurd. It was so last-minute. All the lights had to be at a certain wattage and an angle to make her look good. We’ve never seen anything like it since Michael Jackson asked for a room to be made above the studio so his monkey Bubbles could watch him record. She wanted fresh, piping-hot Cuban bread, which we had to trawl 10 bakeries to find, and dozens of packets of Skittles, including the new sour flavour. She also wanted a gourmet meat selection, a separate cheese platter and crates of water and fruit and scented candles. We needed to get six extra members of staff to fetch all she needed and lug all the food and crates over. There was enough to eat for about 20 people in the end, but she barely so much as looked at it. No one here could believe it – we knew she was a little demanding sometimes but this was absurd.” [2 February 2007]

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