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Helena Bonham Carter: No longer a bimbo

'Fight Club' and 'Harry Potter' actress Helena Bonham Carter is glad she's no longer to sexy period-drama beauty she was in her youth. The star, who is married to director Tim Burton, says, "I was like the corset bimbo. Well, not quite bimbo, but you know what I mean - the corset sex symbol, I suppose. Now I'm not going to be the sex symbol. I'm going to be the granny."
The mother-of-one adds, "Ageing has helped hugely. There's no question I'm a better actor - and you leave behind a certain typecasting." Helena (43) - who is of English, Spanish, French, Austrian, Czech and Russian descent - says the she refuses to change her look to suit the Hollywood stereotype. "I've never had white teeth. To be honest, I've never been told to do any of those horrible things, get your teeth whitened or your nose straightened."

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