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Heather swamped by hate mail

Heather oills has been bombarded with hate mail. Her official website has received hundreds of angry and abusive messages since she separated from Paul McCartney earlier this year. An insider reveals the content of the e-mails. “one reads, Heather, you are nothing but a bloody gold-digging disgrace. Go to your bloody minefields, preferably without a detector.' Another says, Dear Heather, you are now – quite comfortably – the most loathed person in the British Isles. Congratulations, it’s one hell of an achievement.’ others joke about her disability and alleged past in the porn industry.” Heather’s staff have had to remove the website’s contact facility to stem the tide. None of the messages have appeared on the internet. A source says, “She talks about how much support she is getting from the public – but she is deeply upset about how people have turned against her. The reality is she often gets abuse in the street when she goes out. She really doesn’t understand why people despise her so much. These letters have frightened her with their intensity. It’s like the planet has turned against her.” [29 November 2006]

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