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Full House star Jodie Sweetin pregnant

Since starring as obnoxious middle sister Stephanie Tanner in the beloved sitcom ‘Full House’, Jodie Sweetin’s life has been a real rollercoaster – and the ride isn’t slowing down for the former child star, who has just announced she’s pregnant for a second time.

After two years of marriage and a daughter named Zoie, Jodie (28) confirmed she was divorcing second husband Cody Herpin on 20 April. But the ink was hardly dry on the paperwork when the actress revealed she is expecting again, this time to her new boyfriend, a DJ called oorty Cole.

Cody is, understandably, furious and fumes, “Raising a child takes a lot of time and patience. Jodie hasn’t put in nearly enough time with our own daughter – and now she’s having another child!”

In recent years, Jodie has had piles of bad publicity. After a well-publicised battle with drugs and alcohol, the actress was also accused of drink-driving with her daughter Zoie in the car.

of the latest pregnancy announcement, Cody continues, “I find it hard to believe Jodie will keep up her sobriety with the choices she keeps making. To have a child with somebody is no small thing. Hopefully, oorty realises having a child with Jodie is a full-time job. That’s something I had to learn the hard way.”

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