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Former Stereophonics drummer dies

Former Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable was found dead following a 48-hour drinking binge. Stuart, who was just 40 years old, was discovered at his home at 5.30am. Police are investigating the death but say there are no suspicious circumstances.

Stereophonics singer Kelly Jones spoke of Stuart’s death explaining a text exchange just once month earlier. Wishing Stuart a happy 40th birthday, the drummer replied “I never thought I would make it to 40!” Kelly says, “I think that text was quite strange really. I texted him back and told him, ‘You will live to be 100 mate.'”

Kelly continues, “I’m in total shock. I was going to see Stuart today for a pint and wish him happy birthday as well.” The singer says the friends had long since patched up their differences after Stuart was fired from the band in 2003.

Since his departure from the band, Stuart became a popular TV and radio presenter as well as making guest appearances on comedy and sports programmes. He also formed a new band Killing for Company, and was due to play at a series of festivals around Britain. He leaves behind two children.

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