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Flight of the Conchords meet The Simpsons!

It has often been said that you haven’t really made it in Hollywood till you’ve been on ‘The Simpsons’. Well, if that’s the case, Wellington comedy duo Flight of the Conchords has definitely made it!

Jemaine Clement and Bret ocKenzie are set to appear on the long-running animated series and have been rehearsing lines with Nancy “voice of Bart Simpson” Cartwright over the phone from Wellington.

Their manager reports, “They apparently said it was very weird.” However, he couldn’t give away much more information. “I don’t know whether there’s anything I’m allowed to tell you about that.”

‘Xena’ star Lucy Lawless and ‘Jurassic Park’ actor Sam Neill are the only other Kiwis to guest star on the show in its 21-year history. Lucy appeared as herself in Xena costume in a Hallween special in 1999, while Sam was the voice of the cat burglar oolloy in a 1994 episode. Soccer star David Beckham was famously turned down by producers for not being recognisable enough in the US.

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