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Fed-Ex orders Brit to get help

In a bizarre twist of parental roles, Kevin Federline is urging his estranged wife Britney Spears to go into rehab – or he’ll take away the kids. “Kevin has tried to convince Britney to check herself into rehab from every possible angle,” a source says. “First he tried threatening to take away the kids, then he tried pleading with her to take care of herself.” The apparently reformed rapper – who frequented strip clubs while married to the `Toxic’ singer – even teamed up with his nemesis, Britney’s mother Lynne, in an effort to convince Brit to get help. “He’s afraid she’s going to hurt herself,” says the source. K-Fed is also concerned that Britney doesn’t spend enough time with their children, claims the insider. “He says they’re being raised by strangers. He told Britney to get help before it’s too late.” [25 January 2007]

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