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Everyone hates Paris

Paris Hilton is in Charlotte Church’s bad books because The Stars are Blind singer reportedly asked for £350,000 to make her appearance on Charlotte’s new chat show, a price which Charlotte and her producers thought to be outrageous. “She demanded a ridiculous amount,” Charlotte says. “But she’s a complete airhead. She was hardly going to announce anything world-changing.”

It seems Josh Harnett isn’t a huge fan of the sexy socialite either. Paris has defended herself after Josh blasted the ambitious blonde’s career efforts. The Black Dahlia actor recently said Paris was lucky to have a career at all, but the eldest of the Hilton sisters has refused to take the criticism lying down. She told friends: “That pses me off. He doesn’t know what I do. I’ve never met him. I work my a off, I do my own thing, and I’ve been successful at it. I don’t see him with his own clothing line.”

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