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Emma adopts African orphan

Emma Thompson has adopted an orphan from Rwanda as a last-ditch attempt to provide a sibling for her six-year-old daughter. The `Nanny ocPhee’ star, who is married to Greg Wise, failed to get pregnant from a series of IVF treatments and decided to adopt 17-year-old Tindyebwa Agaba after doing charity work in Africa. Emma says, “I started to think about the things I could do usefully to help children. Funnily enough, through finding something else to do with my mothering instincts, other children have come and there is something to offer them – a life with an extended family, which I think is preferable to an entirely nuclear family.” She adds, “Tindyebwa is doing brilliantly now. He’s putting in applications for university. He’s going great guns.” Tindyebwa’s parents were both killed during the Rwanda civil war. [31 January 2006]

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