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Easy money for Brooke’s baby girl

Brooke Shield’s little girl hit the jackpot at the Kentucky Derby, winning a cool $9500 on an unlikely horse. Brooke tells of six-year-old Rowan’s windfall saying, “We went to the Kentucky Derby for the first time as a family, and of course my older one picked the winner. We tried to talk her out of it. It was 50-to-1. She said, ‘I like the name oine That Bird and I think it’s good,’ and I said, ‘Now honey, it’s 50-to-1. Those aren’t good odds.’ But she said, ‘oom, I like it.’ And I was like, ‘Alright, whatever.’ She got like (US) $6,000. We put it in her college fund and she appreciated that. Her biggest thing was that she got a Kentucky Derby Barbie.”

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