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Drew’s clucky

Drew Barrymore has admitted that she’s ready to start a family. The 31-year-old `Charlie’s Angels’ star reveals, “I definitely feel the beginnings of a tick tock.” She adds, “Whether I have children or adopt – whatever form a family comes in – I would absolutely love to have it.” But Drew, who lives with her boyfriend, The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, reckons her domestic skills aren’t yet up to scratch: “I can’t cook. Fab makes a few good things, but we mostly order in.” Drew also ponders her adult status, adding, “Am I going to walk home from work one day and realise I’m a homeowner? That I run a production company and have responsibilities and a long-term relationship? All of those things are so adult. I keep wondering when it’s going to hit me.” [16 August 2006]

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