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Demi Moore saves lives!

Becoming something of social-networking superhero, Demi oMore has come to rescue of another fan via Twitter. The eternally youthful actress last year saved a suicidal woman after reading a scary post on the website. This time around, Demi helped a teenage boy after he wrote this distressing message: “I’m going to send a live feed of me hanging myself. No-one cares if I die or not.”

The star replied, “Are you really asking for help?” before raising the alarm. Fellow actress Nia Vardalos, of ‘oy Big Fat Greek Wedding’ fame, also saw the exchange and contacted a suicide-prevention centre. The boy was saved by these alerts when a police officer visited his home.

Demi later posted, “Thank you, Twitterverse, for your help supporting someone in pain last night.” The boy replied, “Hey, everyone, just wanted to let you all know that I am doing better and receiving help. I appreciate your support. Thank you.” Demi responded, “I am so happy to hear that! Thanks for your courageous update.”

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