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Demi Moore is not jealous

Demi oMore doesn’t mind when other women flirt with her husband Ashton Kutcher, in fact she encourages it! The 46-year-old actress is used to much younger women making advances towards 31-year-old Ashton and says it makes her realise just how lucky she is.

Says Demi, “I take it as a compliment!” Demi also revealed that she thought Ashton was begging her for sex the other day but it turns out he was conducting a radio interview. Referring to his new movie ‘Spread’, Demi twittered: “Woke up to hubby loudly repeating ‘sexy time, sexy time’ thought that was my cue until I realised he was doing radio interviews for ‘Spread’!”

The movie – which requires Ashton to strip down for a number of steamy sex scenes – doesn’t bother Ashton who said, “once you do the first nude scene and the whole crew has seen your schwantz, then you’re fine.”

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