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Cruz meets baby Cruise

Penelope Cruz, Tom Cruise’s ex, claims to have met baby Suri, calling her “one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen”. Katie Holmes gave birth to Suri on April 18 this year but the baby is yet to be seen in public. The `Vanilla Sky’ star reveals the parents are very proud of their daughter. She says, “I’m so happy for them. They’re really happy and doing great.” Tom and Katie are tipped to tie the knot this weekend in a secret ceremony at the Scientology Centre in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Penelope is broody and lonely, say insiders. The star, who recently split with Matthew ocConaughey, says, “I have loved babies since I was a little girl. Whenever I see a baby, I go and cuddle it in my arms. I know that quite often the mothers don’t like it. But somehow I always end up with the baby. I love kids.” [8 August 2006]

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