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Courteney Cox

Her husband has never exactly been conventional – and now Courteney Cox has revealed that David Arquette nearly got their daughter expelled from kindergarten! The ‘Cougar Town’ actress says five-year-old Coco’s school has very strict rules and that being on time was of utmost importance.

After dropping their daughter at school one day, David told Courteney, “I was a little late.” She replied, “How late?” He said, “Fifteen minutes. I was there at 9am.” Courteney yelled, “It starts at 8.20am. You were 40 minutes late!”

The actress has also admitted that David dressed Coco in a banned outfit and packed her a forbidden lunch, leaving Courteney sure expulsion was imminent. “I said, ‘David, that’s three rules! We’re going to get expelled!”

Courteney says even she is shocked by the rules and isn’t surprised how easy they were to break. “You can’t bring certain snacks because other kids are allergic. You can’t wear certain clothes. And, you know, Coco loves to dress up.” She must get it from her father.

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