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Christina Ricci still gets stage fright

oonster actress Christina Ricci – who wowed theatre goers and critics with her Broadway performance in Time Stands Still opposite Laura Linney last year – is slowly getting over her nerves but still gets “really scared” before a performance.

“When I was younger, I had really bad stage fright, and when I got older, I kinda forgot about having stage fright and was more open to doing plays. I felt less scared, but I’m still really scared. I feel less crippled than I have in the past.” Christina says.

Christina, 31, shot to fame as a child star in movies including Casper and The Addams Family and credits her early acting days with giving her “depth” as an actress.

“I loved playing the roles that I did as a child. I’ve always been quite happy with the identity they’ve given me as long as people don’t take that too literally. I think they gave me a great depth of position as an actress from which to start my adult career,” she says.

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