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Christina: I’m not Dirrty!

Christina Aguilera has confessed she is an “organisation freak”. The `Dirrty’ singer has admitted to having compulsive tendencies to tidy as well as being “perfectionist”. She reveals, “I am a perfectionist by nature. I’m an organisational freak. My label maker is my best friend. It’s to the point where sometimes it annoys even me.” The 25-year-old, who appeared on US show ‘Star Search’ before she became famous, has also admitted she would never enter a talent show like ‘American Idol’ – because the judges’ criticism would upset her too much. She explains, “It’s great for the kids to show their talents and if this is what they really want to do, that’s a great way to start. I’m not sure I would enter now if I was trying to make it though. The judges are so critical – I would be too afraid to fail!” [9 August 2006]

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