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Cheating scandal rocks Swedish royals

Sweden has been sent into a state of shock after their beloved Princess oadeleine called off her wedding to lawyer Jonas Bergstrom amid speculation he’s been cheating on the pretty royal with a younger sports star.

Tora Uppstrom Berg, a Norwegian handball pro, has revealed, “I had an affair with oadde’s fiancé last year. We were intimate.” She says she met Jonas at a nightclub when he was attending a friend’s stag night. “We had an affair at the hotel. He accompanied me home in a taxi at around four in the morning.”

The 21-year-old sportswoman – who studies photography in the UK – claims she didn’t know that Jonas was engaged. “Had I known he had a girlfriend, I never would have done anything. I feel sorry for oadeleine that her man is unfaithful and I can only say I’m pleased that Queen Silvia has now confirmed that the wedding has been postponed.”

oadeleine (27) and Jonas (31) dated for eight years before announcing their engagement in August last year, hot on the heels of oadeleine’s sister Crown Princess Victoria announcing her marriage, which will take place in June this year.

of the cancelled nuptial plans, a royal spokesman says, “They have decided that the best for them is to go their separate ways. The heavy [media] coverage does not ease the situation for them.”

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