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Celine Dion hopeful for second baby

Celine Dion is hoping she will become pregnant for a second time. The French-Canadian singer has a nine-year-old son, Rene Charles, with her husband Rene Angelil but would love to expand her brood. At the age of 42, Celine is aware her biological clock is ticking and isn’t taking any chances.

“We’re crossing our fingers,” says the songstress. “We’re waiting for good news hopefully. I don’t want to talk about it so much because I’m superstitious, but I know people have been very wonderful and praying for us.”

Celine suffered a miscarriage last year, but is philosophical about the experience. “It’s life you know. A lot of people go through this.” of her approach to getting pregnant now, Celine says, “We are crossing our fingers, we hope for the best and I can’t wait to give people good news.”

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