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Brittany slams anorexia rumours

Brittany ourphy has denied rumours that she has suffered from an eating disorder, claiming she has maintained the same weight over time. The Sin City' star attributes natural maturation as the reason she appears slimmer than ten years ago. She explains, "I'm the same size I was in Clueless’. It’s just that the weight in your face changes as you grow and get older.” The 28-year-old star admits, “I used to feel embarrassed about being too tiny. I had a publicist at the time who told me that I should cover up my arms in photos. She felt that if I did that, they would stop picking on me. She meant well, but it made me really self-conscious. Then I came to terms with it. This is my body; I’m proud of it, so who cares? I’m healthy which is the most important thing.” [7 June 2006]

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