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Britney & Kevin’s separate holidays

Britney Spears and hubby Kevin Federline reportedly rented separate houses on their recent holiday in Florida – although Britney publicly insists her marriage is “awesome”. The couple spent $400,000 on their recent getaway where aside from a public romp on the beach with 10-month-old son Sean, the two steered clear of each other. Kevin jet skied in South Beach by himself and in the evening, went to a nightclub where he partied until the wee hours. Despite their problems, an insider says Britney “wants the world to think they’re happier than ever.” Meanwhile, a US magazine commissioned experts to analyse Britney’s body language during her TV interview with Matt Lauer. When a closed-eyed Britney declared her marriage fabulous, she wasn’t being candid, in the expert opinion of former FBI polygraph examiner and criminal profiler Jack Timarco. “When a person covers or closes their eyes,” says Jack, “it often means they’re getting ready to tell a lie.” [22 June 2006]

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