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Beverley Callard reveals sexy Coro secrets

‘Coronation Street’ star Beverley Callard has spilled the beans on a series of shocking antics behind Britain’s best-loved drama, including an infamous altercation involving her co-star Charlie Lawson and a white g-string.

Bev – who has played Liz ocDonald on ‘Coro’ for over 20 years – got drunk one night and tried to pull the moves on Charlie. When he didn’t pay her enough attention, the buxom blond tried her moves on another co-star she only refers to as “Vince”.

“The more I drank, the more outrageously flirty I got with this guy,” Bev recalls. “I lurched round to Charlie and slurred, ‘I’m just going upstairs with Vincey Baby. We’re only going for a cuddle.’ Then it all started getting a bit heated between the two guys.”

After the bust-up, Charlie scared Vince into leaving, put Bev to bed and went to his own room, only to have Bev come after him again! She continues, “He’d only just shut the door though when there was this knock, knock, knock on it… It was me – wearing nothing but a white thong and white socks. He knew I’d regret it in the morning if anything happened, so he took me back to my room again!”

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