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Ben Stiller

Insiders on the set of Ben Stiller’s latest film – ‘Little Fockers’, a second sequel to ‘oeet the Fockers’ – claim working with the comedian was no laughing matter.

“Ben alienated most of the cast and crew with his vain and self-absorbed behaviour,” reveals one spy. “When he wasn’t obsessing over his looks, he was throwing temper tantrums and screaming at underlings. The crew referred to him as a ‘little focker’ because of his outrageous conduct.”

Ben (44) reportedly fired the film’s assistant director in front of colleagues by loudly yelling, “I never want to work with this woman again!” He is also said to have demanded star treatment for his personal chefs, plus hair and makeup people, who constantly massaged his ego with compliments.

our insider adds, “They were the only ones able to put a smile on his face. It was clear Ben wasn’t happy unless he was waited on hand and foot.”

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