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Baby rumours hit Britney one more time

Britney Spears is pregnant with her second child, according to several sources.

Wardrobe insiders on the set of ‘Will & Grace’, which Britney recently filmed a cameo for, say the pop princess is almost certainly expecting – as do several of her staff members.

Britney also unusally (for her) refused alcohol at a recent party hosted by rapper Kanye West. And only last week she was rushed to hospital with stomach cramps – something not uncommon for pregnant women.

New photographs of the singer swimming in Hawaii also show her mid-section looking a little rounder than usual (see Star Weekly in the next issue of ‘New Zealand Woman’s Weekly’).

Britney is staying at the Four Seasons oaui in Hawaii, where she plans to record her next album, with her mother Lynn and son Sean Preston. Her hubby Kevin Federline has since been photographed in the arms of another woman, prompting speculation Britney’s kicked him to the curb for the final time.

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