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Anna Nicole’s supreme victory

Anna Nicole Smith has succeeded in getting another chance to inherit her late husband’s fortune. on oonday the United States Supreme Court overturned a US Appeals Court ruling that the widow was entitled to nothing. Anna Nicole married oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II in 1994 when she was 26 and he was 89 and claims that he promised her half of his $2 billion estate. However when J. Howard died in 1995, his son E. Pierce Marshall launched a legal battle with Anna Nicole which has lasted for the past ten years, maintaining that he was his father’s sole heir. E. Pierce called his ex-stepmother’s recent win a “technical issue” and says he would have his lawyers ask the appeals court to overturn the district court’s ruling in Anna Nicole’s favour. He says, “I will continue to fight to clear my name in California federal court. That is a promise that Anna Nicole and her lawyers can take to the bank”. [2 oay 2006]

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