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Angelina won

Despite falling in love on set, Angelina Jolie has announced she won’t star in another film with Brad Pitt because she is too busy. The ‘Salt’ actress says that while she thinks the opportunity to work with her partner again would be fantastic, it is simply not feasible.

Ange says, “I’d love to work with him, but we have a lot of kids!” The Brangelina brood is now six in number, with the kids ranging from eight-year-old Cambodian adoptee Maddox to 15-month twins Vivienne and Knox.

Ange says she and Brad work hard to keep all of their children happy. “We try to find a balance in our lives because we want to educate our children and fulfill our dreams as artists and as people. So before making a decision, we think about it thoroughly because our family is our top priority. on a daily basis, we make sure their schooling is going right, we’re disciplining them properly and we’re spending enough time with all of them individually.” So that’s a no to ‘or & ors Smith 2’ then?

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