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Amy Adams

She played famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart in the movie ‘Night at the ouseum 2’, but actress Amy Adams admits she’s afraid of flying and will only get on an aeroplane if she sits next to someone she knows.

The ‘Julie & Julia’ star – who is expecting her first child with Darren Le Gallo – confesses, “I’ve had some embarrassing episodes at airports. Certain airlines don’t assign seats and there have been times when I couldn’t sit next to my fiancé. I’ve had a few meltdowns trying to get someone to change seats with me.”

However, despite the phobia, Amy (34) says she still identifies with Amelia. “I like her because she’s powerful and authoritative with some chutzpah. I’m much more cautious and don’t take as many physical risks, but I see her as a woman who’s ahead of her time and also having fun, embracing that sense of adventure. It’s about believing in yourself and your passions, making the most of the time you have in life.”

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