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America Ferrera farewells

‘Ugly Betty’ may be in its final season, but that doesn’t mean lead actress America Ferrera is ready to let go. With just four episodes of the suddenly axed show left to go, the Latina star says she doesn’t want to face reality just yet.

“I’m staying in denial for now – I’ll deal with all those emotions in a little bit,” she says. “I imagine that when we finally wrap, it’s not going to be a dry-eyed goodbye.”

America adds that playing Betty really changed her. “I never really pictured myself being on television,” she explains. “I couldn’t imagine a world coming along that would entice me enough to sign away years and years of my life to one character. Then Betty came around. I was 21 when I started and I’ve learned so much and grown so much as a person.”

She continues, “I’ve lived with this character who I’ve loved from day one and I have only grown to feel more connected to her. Her entire journey was about a transformation, kind of coming into her womanhood and owning herself both physically and emotionally.” Let’s hope the costume department lets America keep the goofy red glasses.

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