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WATCH: The baby born by 'gentle c-section'

One doctor wants to change the way we view caeserean deliveries.

Caesareans are often surrounded by misinformation and heated opinions, however a video posted by a Venezuelan doctor has captured the peaceful moment a baby boy was delivered by 'gentle c-section'.
Obstetrician Jham Frank Lugo shared the moving moment on his Instagram page.
“One of the most common reasons to perform a c-section is the ‘podalica position’ (sitting or breech) which is when the baby is placed with the foot down,” Dr Lugo wrote in the caption.
“We can see in this video a birth, respectful and careful with obstetric manoeuvres, and with a vigilance that ensures the safety of the baby and the mother.”
Watch the incredible moment here. Warning, this video contains images of a medical nature...

“With patience, listening to the music that the parents choose for this moment, and with the support of the father and their doula, the mother can be held throughout the whole process,” Dr Lugo explained.