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Toni Street and her surrogate - best friend Sophie Braggins - share their incredible story

For the first time, Toni Street and Sophie Braggins let us in on their heartwarming friendship and how Sophie came to be carrying Toni's baby.

WATCH: Toni Street and her surrogate Sophie Braggins open up about their friendship and how Sophie came to be carrying Toni's baby.
In February Toni Street stunned the entire country by announcing on Instagram that she and husband Matt France were expecting their third child via surrogate.
She revealed that the baby boy was being carried by her close friend Sophie Braggins.
Sophie Braggins has been a good friend of the popular broadcaster since they were kids, growing up in New Plymouth. A mother of two herself, she is highly successful in her career, climbing to the position of chief executive of New Plymouth law firm Govett Quilliam within 10 months of joining the company. She also chairs the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce.
Toni, who has two daughters - Juliette, five, and Mackenzie, three - is unable to carry more children due to an auto-immune disease Churg-Strauss syndrome. Yet she revealed in an earlier interview with NEXT magazine that she'd love to have another baby.
In this video, which was filmed at NEXT magazine's cover shoot for their latest issue:
Toni and Sophie talk for the first time about the surrogacy and their friendship. They reveal how they met, what drew them to one another and how Sophie came to offer to carry a baby to full term for her gal pal.
Watching the pair interact, you can see the tight bond between them. More like sisters, they clearly hold one another in the highest of regards.
We can't think of a more shining example of true sisterhood, and wish both women and their families all the best for the exciting times ahead!

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