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The Edge radio star Chang Hung-Duncan's very public baby news

''It's scary the idea of having to look after someone, but Victoria will be a great mum … It's me I'm worried about.''

By Sebastian van der Zwan
It was while preparing for a big life change that radio star Chang Hung-Duncan and his wife Victoria found out that their lives were going to be transformed in an even more massive way.
With the view to relocating to the United States, the self-described "crazy Asian guy from The Edge" and his Irish-born missus were having medical check-ups when a doctor informed them that they were expecting their first child.
Victoria, 35, who is due in June, recalls, "The first test came back negative, so we walked off and then she chased us down, yelling, 'We tested again – you're pregnant!' She told the whole clinic reception. It was happy news, but it was strange not to find out in the privacy of our own home."
The pair were married by 'Elvis' in Las Vegas
Chang, 36, adds, "We had a big cry. It was very public. We needed a moment. I was like, 'Man, we're all grown up now!'"
Grinning, Victoria continues, "Like anything in our relationship, there's always a weird story to it – nothing's ever normal!"
The couple met on Tinder in 2015, married in Las Vegas in 2017, started trying for a baby in July and got the good news two months later.
They agreed to keep it a secret until the IT project coordinator reached her second trimester, but Chang couldn't resist telling his mum, who started patting Victoria's belly.
She laughs, "I was like, 'Is she calling me fat?!' Then I realised Chang had told her. He only lasted two weeks!"
The pair – already parents to "practice child" Tuff, a nine-year-old husky – aren't sure whether the baby will affect their plans to move to the States, but they've booked flights to Hawaii in February to activate their green cards.
Chang explains, "This is my 17th year in radio. Where can you go from there? It's time to try something else and there are so many options for us there. Imagine a baby with a Kiwi, Irish and American passport – it'll be more powerful than Donald Trump!
"Seriously, though, it's scary the idea of having to look after someone, but Victoria will be a great mum … It's me I'm worried about."
Laughing, his wife insists, "He looks scared when he holds babies, but I know he's going to be an amazing father. I always said I never wanted a child, then three months after I met him, I started sending him pictures of mixed-race babies with fluffy hair.
"He changed my mind – and it didn't scare him off. It's meant to be."

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