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Sonny Bill Williams just shocked the world by announcing the birth of his third child

No one even knew they were expecting!

All Blacks star Sonny Bill Williams has just dropped the happiest surprise to his fans - announcing the birth of his third child, a son called Zaid.
He made the announcement on Instagram with the caption "Zaid Williams. Asalamualakium son- mummy, daddy and your sisters love you so much."

What was so surprising was that he and his wife Alana had managed to keep the pregnancy a secret from the general public. It's not anything new for this pair though - they were able to keep their entire relationship a secret until after they were married.
Sonny, 32 and Alana, 24, are already the parents to two daughters, Imaan, 3, and Aisha, 1.
Sonny recovers in hospital with his two daughters earlier this month after undergoing knee surgery.
Sonny has been open about his desire to have a large family.
"I just want to be a good father. I want as many kids as we can have," he told the Daily Telegraph in 2016.
He spoke of the respect that he has for his wife and other mothers. "When people have the audacity to say being a stay at home mum isn't a job, they need to have a look at themselves.
"When I'm home, even for half the day, I'm buggered. It's a 24/7 job."

Congratulations to the happy family of five!