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Sonny Bill Williams and his wife Alana have welcomed their fourth child

Congratulations to the family of six!

Congratulations to Sonny Bill Williams and his wife Alana, who have welcomed their fourth baby.
Sonny announced the joyful news on social media by sharing an image of himself cradling his newborn child in his arms. He is wearing hospital scrubs and a hair net and he is in a hospital theatre room - which suggests Alana had this baby by caesarean section.
He captioned the image, "Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah ! Baby & mum are healthy and well. The stress levels aren't as high 4th time around, but the love we have for this child is the same.
"@lanamarieewilli I appreciate you my love ❤️," he dedicated his wife.

The Kiwi sporting legend, who opened up last year about what led him to his strong Muslim faith, had also announced that Alana was expecting their fourth child by way of social media.
He made the announcement while in Japan for the Rugby World Cup in 2019, posting an image of his All Blacks kit embroidered with the names of his first three children, with baby number four displayed at the end.
"Sometimes I really don't think I deserve all the blessings I've received in my life. Alhumdulliah Alhumdulliah Alhumdulliah!!" he wrote.

Sonny has made no secret of his desire for a large family. "I just want to be a good father. I want as many kids as we can have," he told the Daily Telegraph in 2016.
Sonny and Alana were married in a secret ceremony in 2013 after dating for just six months.
They welcomed their first child Imaan in November 2014 while Sonny was in Wales on the All Blacks end of year tour. The new father watched the birth via Skype, describing it as "the proudest moment of my life."
Their second daughter Aisha was born in December 2016 and their son Zaid was born in June 2018.
News of Zaid's arrival came as a shock to fans because the third-time parents had managed to keep the entire pregnancy a secret - no easy feat the age of social media and mobile phone cameras.

Sonny often uses social media to cheekily petition his wife for more children, and is also vocal about his support for his wife and other full-time mums.
"To all those who think a stay at home mum isn't a full time job please check yourself," he wrote in an Instagram post in July this year.
"I see you my love & I appreciate your efforts while I get to travel the world doing what I love it wouldn't be possible without you doing what you do.
"May the most high continue to bless us with happiness and love and more children hahahaha chances tho??"
Much to the delight of his fans, he also often shares videos that give insights into family life - including his kids' reactions when he returns home after being away on sporting commitments]("8 weeks & she still remembered me," he captioned the adorable moment, below.
In a heartwarming video interview with the other dads on last year's Rugby World Cup All Black squad, Sonny opened up about how difficult it is to be away from his children.
"There's 14 dads in the team now," he shared. "The beauty of that is that it's a buffer and decompressor for some of the boys... a lot of our conversations now turn to what the kids are getting up to and how they're getting on at school.
"It's a little bit of a change seeing a difference and seeing the growth in the boys is pretty cool. It's special to be a part of."
He admitted, "We get immersed in our work and we're on the grind," but being able to pick up the phone and speak to the kids is a "decompressor."
Hopefully, he gets to spend lots of time with his newest arrival before he is next called away.