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Midwife abandons hair appointment midway to deliver baby

This is why midwives are the best people.

midwife foils
A midwife from Florida has shown true dedication to one particular patient, after leaving her hair appointment mid-foil in order to deliver her baby.
Carrie Hall was having her hair put in foils at the salon when she got an urgent call to say a patient had gone into labour.
Rushing to the mum-to-be's side, Carrie helped deliver the baby, foils intact, and was back at the salon 20 minutes later to have them removed.
Sharing the image on Frontier Nursing University's Facebook page, Carrie wrote: "1st time for everything! Thought I'd share! I was at the salon and nature called!"
Aside from expressing their praise for the midwife's dedication to her patients, Facebook users were pretty concerned about the state of Hall's hair following the incident.
But the midwife responded stating that the birth was so quick, she was back in the salon within the hour to get them removed.
“Needless to say, momma, baby and my hair are great!”