Pregnancy & Birth

Melissa Chan-Green has welcomed a baby boy in a dramatic delivery

''It’s all been the most special experience.''

Congratulations to Melissa Chan-Green (nee Davies) and her husband, Caspar Green, who have welcomed their first baby - a precious boy they've named Busby Lucas Green.
The Newshub reporter and presenter announced the happy news on social media, posting an image of Busby with the caption,
"Heading home with the most precious cargo. Busby Lucas Green born 3.2kg in very dramatic fashion for such a chilled out little guy."
Melissa thanked the team at Auckland hospital for being angels, and Casper for holding her hand.
"Lynda Batchelor and the team who delivered him at Auckland Hospital are angels.. but it's all been the most special experience thanks to the guy holding my hand all the way," she said.

Melissa finished up on the news desk on November 1st and since then has been nesting in recent days.
In one recent Instagram post she revealed that she had found the heirloom shawl that she'd been wrapped in as a baby.
"Not long and my own bub will inherit this shawl," she wrote.
Melissa and Caspar opted to keep the gender of their baby a surprise, although Melissa admitted to Woman's Day that it has been a great test of her willpower.
"It's been tempting [to find out]," she said, adding that she hadn't had a preference either way.
The couple, who married in March, found out they were pregnant shortly after returning from their honeymoon.
Melissa announced her pregnancy in May with a fittingly themed pub trivia social media post showing a pub quiz answer card filled in with the number of players as '3'.
Melissa and Caspar, a quizmaster, met at a pub quiz that Caspar was hosting in London in 2015, during Melissa's stint as Newhub's European correspondent.
Caspar asked Melissa to marry him the following year, and the couple then endured a difficult 18 months of long-distance romance before Caspar moved to New Zealand to be with Melissa.

Melissa hopes to be "one of those chilled-out mothers.
"But I've probably worked in news for too long not to worry about all the things that could happen in life," she admits.
"I'm naturally quite a cautious person; I'm not a big risk taker. But Caspar is the opposite, so hopefully we'll balance each other out."
She hopes to return to work later this year and counts herself lucky that Caspar's quiz business means he'll be able to be a hands-on dad.