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Art Green and Matilda Rice's first baby photo: Matilda excitedly shares an ultrasound image of baby Green

''We love you so much already little Green.''

Matilda Rice has shared an ultrasound scan of her first baby with new husband Art Green.
Posting to Instagram, she wrote "The coolest thing ever is seeing your baby look like an actual baby. It has a head! And limbs! And little tiny hands and feet!
"This moment makes all the tougher days of pregnancy worth it. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH ALREADY LITTLE GREEN!"

Art and Matilda married in a romantic Waiheke Island ceremony on February 15th.
Sharing their day with Woman's Day, the couple announced their pregnancy at the wedding reception, earning a standing ovation from their guests.
"Art and I are absolutely over the moon," Matilda, 28, told the magazine. "We always knew we wanted to start a family, but never imagined we'd be lucky enough to share our special day with our wee son or daughter. It's truly so special to have all three of us here."
"We can't wait to tell our little one how they were such a special part of Mum and Dad's perfect wedding day," Art added.
Watch: Art and Matilda's love story. Story continues after video.
Baby Green, who is due in September, was a welcome surprise for the reality TV couple, who met on the set of New Zealand's first Bachelor series in 2015.
"It was a moment of joy, disbelief and fear, but most of all happiness," Matilda told Woman's Day of finding out the news over the new year holiday.
"We were absolutely over the moon," 30-year-old Art added. "Having a baby is the ultimate way to cement our family. It's been an incredible ride as just the two of us, so we know it's only going to get better when we become three. I'm just so excited to be going on this adventure with Matty."

The newlyweds have recently bought their first home in Warkworth, north of Auckland.
"We really want our kids to grow up surrounded by nature and, as a family, living off the land as best we can," Art told Woman's Day..
And they've already started thinking about baby names.
"For a bit of fun, we downloaded an app – it's a bit like Tinder but for soon-to-be parents," joked Art. "It serves you hundreds of names and you swipe right for the ones you like. If you both swipe yes to the same name, it sends you an alert."
Art is excited for the year ahead. "It's definitely a busy year, but also a pretty epic one – marrying my best friend, renovating our first home and starting a family. Bring it on!"