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'I could think of worse places to wait for a baby': Matilda Green hits the beach to wait for her baby's arrival

The countdown is on. At 39 weeks pregnant Matilda Green is ready and waiting for the arrival of her and husband Art Green's first child.

As the rest of the world carries on with its day social media influencer Matilda Green sits on the beach waiting for her baby to arrive.
At 39 weeks pregnant, Matilda knows he could be here any time.
His room is ready, the cupboards are well-stocked and a hospital bag has undoubtedly been packed.
So now all the expectant mum can do is wait, wait, wait - with a hot choccy in hand, as she shares in her latest Instagram post, captioning an image of her sitting on Omaha beach, north of Auckland: "I could think of worse places to drink a hot choccy and wait for a baby."

Matilda has shared much of her pregnancy with the rest of New Zealand on social media, from her announcement that she and husband Art Green were having a boy to cute baby bump updates and babymoon pics.
For the final few weeks of her pregnancy she's been taking it easy, telling her followers, "I've only [done] the odd walk and Pilates session. I wouldn't worry too much if you're not feeling it. Just enjoy the relaxation (that's what im telling myself haha)."

This baby is highly anticipated, as the first to have come from the love story of two New Zealanders who met on a reality TV dating show.
Matilda and husband Art Green, of course, met and fell in love on New Zealand's first season of the Bachelor in 2015.
Of the 21 Bachelorettes vying for his love, Art told Woman's Day that Matilda stood out to him right from the start.
"Her smile gave me goosebumps," he revealed to the publication.
And while the show would go on to see Art build connections with other hopefuls on a series of weird and wonderful dates, his and Matilda's chemistry was electric - and that didn't go unnoticed by viewers.
Art has said he's "forever indebted" to The Bachelor for "bringing me Matty".
"There's a great chance we might never have met otherwise – we didn't mix in the same circles or have any mutual friends."

After the series wrapped the cute couple went "Instagram official" then skipped the country for a week of romance in Rarotonga.
"We look back on that holiday with such fondness – we were like a couple of giddy schoolkids," recalls Matilda.
"Everything was new and fun, and we were just so into each other. It feels like I've lived a lifetime with Art since then, but none of that fun and passion has ever disappeared... Life is just immeasurably better with Art in it."
In February the couple married in a stunning wedding ceremony on Waiheke Island, and delighted their wedding guests by announcing that Matilda was carrying their first child.

More recently the couple bought their first home in Warkworth, north of Auckland.
"Warkworth has that real small-town beachy vibe to it, which we love," Matilda told Woman's Day.
The mum-to-be was also over the moon to be moving closer to her mum, who is now just a 10-minute drive away.
"When we moved in, all our neighbours came around and introduced themselves – some even brought fresh scallops and snapper," she told the publication.
"We never really felt that sense of community living in Auckland."
Sounds like the perfect place to grow a little family.